EDC Key Organizers – How To Choose the Best EDC Key Organizer for You

A key organizer is an essential component of your everyday carry and should be lightweight enough to be carried around without posing much of a hassle. It should be sturdy and durable to carry your small items like keys around for a long time with uninterrupted function. Before resigning yourself to its intended use for carrying keys, you should know that a key organizer can organize much more than just keys.

EDC Key Organizers

A key organiser can be incorporated into various kinds of equipment so that you don’t lose your keys and they are attached to a fairly noticeable item. Let us check out the boxes that an ideal EDC key organiser should tick out!


The ring or the loop that holds your keys together is arguably the most important part of your key organizer. Stainless steel is the most preferred option for making key organizers, however, leather and wood are also considered to be ideal choices when considering a compartment-style key organizer. Carbon fiber key organizers are also growing in popularity nowadays, as the only weight they add is the weight of your keys.  Radium-infused acrylic organizers are also all the buzz today, as the radium in the loop glows in the dark and makes for an easily findable key organizer!


An EDC key organizer just like any other EDC item should be small and easy to carry so as to not give you any hassle. It should be designed in an ergonomic way to fit more than just keys. Key organizers can be more than just loops. They can be incorporated in other EDC items as well such as EDC flashlights, EDC multitools, and backpacks. The idea of handling multiple items at once can be somewhat of a nightmare for a fast-paced person and the thought of carrying a separate tool to carry keys can weigh in more. These are some of the gadgets that can incorporate Key organizers in their design.

  • Flashlights: These important items can be used to carry keys everywhere to go. A small loop can be incorporated into the design of an EDC flashlight which can add more utility to the flashlight. Make sure that the flashlight is sturdy in operation and lightweight so as to not add unnecessary weight.
  • Multitool: Card styled multitools can serve as a great replacement for a dedicated EDC key organiser. A small circular cavity in the card can be yet another functionality added to the already multipurpose serving tool. It should be noted that addition of too many keys at once can sometimes lead to the failure of structural integrity of the card and add multiple scratches.
  • Pens: Pens are yet another tool that can incorporate an EDC key organiser in their design. Adding a metal or an acrylic loop at the end of the pen can provide functionality as an EDC key organiser. The obvious fact that comes attached to using a pen as a key organiser is that it has to be light, because a weighted pen can disrupt normal writing.

Dedicated Key Organizers

A dedicated key organizer is styled in the shape of an EDC multi tool- the ones with two indexes around which two sets of keys revolve and fit against each other. Slider-type Key organizers can provide a tactical key organizing experience but can be a bit bulkier compared to other key organizers.

Smartly designed key organizers can organize your keys in an efficient manner and present the key you require instantly at the push of a button. It is to be noted however that these organizers may have some components that can be choking hazards.

Summing It Up

An EDC key organizer can be of great functionality, but you have to consider your priorities while considering a key organizer. Whether you are looking for an additional tool that may add clutter to your already existing arsenal of tools or do you want to incorporate a key organizer in an existing tool.

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