EDC Pens – How To Choose the Best EDC Pen for You

In our day-to-day life, we often encounter tasks where we have to utilize a pen. Be it noting something down, which our brain cannot remember or just a sudden need to sign on a document. Pens are an unrivaled necessity in a person’s life and keeping a sturdy yet smooth pen can be an important factor in determining a person’s sanity.

How To Choose The Perfect EDC Pen

Writing with an EDC pen can feel smooth and simple and EDC pens can provide you with a satisfactory, seamless experience. However choosing such an all-rounder pen can prove to be a daunting task. A pen should have optimized ink-flow and should be lightweight in order to not put much stress on the hand. Let us take a look at some important factors which can differentiate between quality and bad EDC pens.


It’s an obvious fact that an EDC pen should be lightweight yet have some bodily feel to provide better grip on the surface. A metal body can take a good beating and may prove useful for continuous use for a very long time, however, metal casings can be very heavy. On the other hand plastic casings can not last a very long time but can prove to be very lightweight and cheap. Metal casing EDC pens are quite costly.

Titanium casings can give you the best of both worlds. Along with having a long life titanium is extremely lightweight.  Brass casings are also a popular option nowadays.

Refills And Inks

You do not need to worry about a pen that might give up on you when you require it the most. That is why refill selection of a pen should take topmost priority for you. The inkflow should be optimized in such a way that the line drawn by it isn’t too thick or too thin. The quality of the ink should be such that it provides a smooth comfortable feel similar to those of gel-pens and none of the smudge. Writing should not feel tedious with such a pen. This is ensured by a pen with a well crafted nib. The best nibs give out a line of 0.5 to 0.7 mm thickness.

Tactical Utility

An EDC pen should have some tactical utility. Something as simple as a well-designed pen can prove useful in a life or death situation. Well-designed and strong nibs can prove useful in breaking glass in fire or drowning situations. College professors utilize built in laser pointers to mark the subject on the white-boards where their hands cannot reach to guide the students efficiently. Integration of keychains and loops can also be a welcomed addition to EDC pens.

Nowadays integration of hidden cameras is also proving to be useful in carrying out sting operations and undercover police work.

In Essence

In addition to providing a seamless writing experience, your pen should be efficient in many other aspects. An EDC pen can make or break your day. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy and select an EDC pen well crafted according to your personal needs.