EDC Wallets – How To Choose the Best EDC Wallet for You

There is a saying that a dog is a man’s best friend, but in today’s era, wallets are a man’s best friend. They go with them everywhere, every day, and anyone would want all the essentials to be secure in one place. Most wallets get thick and do not fit in any of your pant pockets or the ridiculously small women’s pockets. And there are chances of you get uncomfortable while sitting or driving for long. For all these problems, EDC wallets come in handy!

Best EDC Wallets

What is an EDC wallet?

Every day Carry wallets, or EDC wallets, fit all your bare essentials, such as cash, credit cards, pocket knife, lighter, and your mobile phone too! They are super lightweight because they incorporate good leather and do not lose longevity. 

The nightmare of a wallet not apt for the pockets is a nightmare that the EDC wallet never lets anyone have.

What features make an EDC wallet? 

Fine detailing and craftsmanship 

Paying attention to the craftsmanship of the product you are going to buy makes all the difference. To perfect this artistry, lots of hard work goes in. even if your wallet is all high-quality leather, the poor design can obscure that feature. Fine detailing only makes your wallet look good classy. 

Size of the wallet

The wallet size preferences are different for everyone. It depends on what you will carry. Several layers and pockets make the wallet unnecessarily big for the bags and do not have sufficient space in them.

Wallets tend to become thick even when you only cash, making you uncomfortable, especially while carrying the wallet in your back pocket. EDC wallets come in different shapes and sizes that suit your carrying preferences. 

Protection from RFID skimmers

Although, RFID cards are beneficial, and their related crimes are unlikely to occur. They make payments contactless, which is an advantage in this season of coronavirus.

In RFID skimming, anyone can obtain your card payment information unlawfully. This crime takes place via wireless skimmers by coming near the wallet pockets and scanning. Forged payments are possible by your card. EDC wallets secure you from RFID skimming by blocking the radio or electromagnetic waves that carry your personal information.

Good quality leather

The quality of a wallet highly depends on the material used. Because leather comes in various forms, it is very versatile; thus, the leather’s quality can craft a standard wallet or the finest you have ever come across. 

EDC wallets are of leather material, and they might not be cheap but are durable. Full-grain leather is the second-best quality leather.


Suppose the capacity of your wallet is high, the functionality increases. It is as important as the durability of the leather wallet. EDC wallets don’t let you regret your decision to choose them.

These wallets are aesthetically pleasing and have enough capacity to make them functional for a long time. EDC wallets are handy for special occasions like traveling. 

How to choose an EDC wallet?

  • Make sure you go through the thread work, inside pockets, the corners, and other minute details. Also, check the manufacturer of your preferred wallet. Italy, Korea, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA manufacture the finest quality leather.
  • To make sure you choose the perfect EDC wallet to fit your essentials, make sure you check what is in your current wallet and what you do not require or what you do require for the next one. 
  • Know your leather. The top layer of grained leather is full of dotted surfaces; that is, it feels grainy and absorbs water, unlike lousy quality leather. Please pay attention to the details like the stitching and patina development on the surface of the leather after using it for some time.
  • Keep your carrying preferences in mind. For instance, some people carry wallets in their hands; EDC long wallets are comfortable to carry in your hands.
  • Know why you do you want it. For instance, you want a wallet for traveling purposes. Some EDC wallets have extra space for flying essentials such as passports and boarding passes.

On a final note, EDC wallets are multipurpose. To choose the best one, you need to know your requirements and what design will suit you the best for everyday travel, office, etc. 

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