EDC Pry Bars – How To Choose the Best EDC Pry Bar for You

Unless you have to pull a nail, there is hardly anything interesting about a pry bar. However, when the need arises, there is no other tool that will come in handy. With careful construction, a boring pry bar can serve multiple purposes as an EDC tool. This article will talk about what an EDC pry bar is, how many functions it can serve, and how you can choose the best one for yourself.

How To Choose The Perfect EDC Pry Bar

What is an EDC Pry Bar?

A pry bar is a medium-sized metal tool used to remove nails from surfaces. EDC pry bars, on the other hand, are small multi-purpose tools with the capability to remove much more than nails. They can serve several other functions such as:

  • Opening cans and bottles
  • Acting as a screwdriver
  • Cutting paper
  • Separating stuck-together objects
  • Scour surfaces
  • Become ad-hoc wedges
  • Open packages

What Makes a Good EDC Pry Bar?

The following things make a good EDC pry bar:

  • Multiple utilities
  • Easy to carry
  • Quality materials
  • Lightweight design
  • Safe to use

Each person has different preferences in terms of things they want from an EDC pry bar. Therefore, the next section will help you choose the best pry bar according to various preferences.

How to Choose the Best EDC Pry Bar?

You will have to keep the following EDC pry bar features before you buy the best product for yourself.


The best EDC pry bar is the one that can serve more than three functions at once. You must choose the features you value the tools you value the most in the EDC pry bar, such as a bottle opener, a screwdriver, etc. Most functional EDC pry bars serve about 3-4 useful functions for the user.


An EDC pry bar should be small enough to either fit in your pocket or attach to your keychain. Most good EDC pry bars are 2-4 inches in length. Anything below that will get lost, and anything more than that will be difficult to carry around.


Most popular EDC pry bars weigh between 0.5-2 oz. This is enough weight for you to know there’s a tool in your pocket without it feeling uncomfortable to carry around.


Pry bars utilize things such as u-cuts or grip grooves where your thumb can rest while you apply force to open a bottle or pull a nail. Good grip makes a knife much more functional and safer to use.


Most EDC pry bars have sharp edges and blades acting as package openers or cutters. These sharp edges should not be sharp enough to cut anything coming in contact with them. Angled designs are generally the best for safety as well as utility.


Most good pry bars are made of lightweight steel with a titanium coating to make for sturdiness and resilience. You can choose the material most suited for you according to your price range and strength requirement.


EDC pry bars should be comfortable in and on the pocket. You can buy an effective pry bar for anything between $5 and $20, depending on the tool’s material.