EDC Handkerchiefs

EDC Tools (Everyday Carry Tools) are some of the most vital tools that an individual must carry throughout his daily routine. Some of the most vital EDC tools include knives, flashlights, wallets, watches, and etc. EDC Handkerchiefs, or EDC Hankies, are actually one of those “vital tools” that one must carry regularly. There can be countless great uses of these EDC Hankies in our daily lives. For most of the time, we generally use them without even realizing that we did.

However, today we will be discussing in-depth the great uses of these EDC Handkerchiefs and how they can even act as a literal lifesaver for ourselves. I’m not going to lie, but if I were to write down “each” use of these EDC Handkerchiefs, I would probably die by the time I would finish. Still, I will try my absolute best today to ensure that I discuss “most” of the essential uses that I can.

15 Uses Why You Need an EDC Handkerchief

  1. You Wipe-off Some Stuff: Let’s start with the most obvious. Everyone in the world knows that EDC Hanks are for your nose. Luckily for all of us, these EDC Hanks are way superior to those deficient tissues that end up in the trash can after just a single-use, given that these EDC Hanks can be washed again and again.
  2. You Wipe-off Sweat: EDC Handkerchiefs can be extremely useful for you on a hot sunny day. The reason is pretty simple. You sweat. These Hanks can help you wipe off all that sweat and make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and much under your own control.
  3. You Wave to People: EDC Handkerchiefs can prove out to be extremely useful for you if you need to grab someone’s attention quickly. All you need to do is to wave the handkerchief high enough for the person to see it, and you’re done!
  4. Protection from Cuts: You can immediately use an EDC Hank on your arm in case you get it hurt in any way, and the blood starts to flow.
  5. You Clean Your Hands: Let’s say your best friend arrives at your home and asks you to shake your hands with him/her. That’s great for you until you realize that your hands are all dirty. Not to worry, because an EDC Handkerchief can immediately solve that out for you.
  6. You tie a Knot: Let’s admit it. We all forget things, tasks, and instructions. After all, we are humans… Right? Well, do not worry, my human friend, since now you can just tie a Knot in your EDC Hank, and you will be all good to go! P.S: – Even if it may sound old school, if it works, it is worth trying.
  7. You Carry Things: Hey, do you carry things with you? Well, I do! Do you find your two hands less than what you need while picking up items at the store or even in your barn? Well, fear not since you can easily carry a ton of items like Eggs, Chocolates, etc., in your EDC Handkerchief safely!
  8. You Make Long Journeys: If you do make long journeys, EDC Hanks can be super helpful for you. This is because you can simply take bark from any tree and tie your EDC Hank on one side and hold the other one in your hand! You can then fill the handkerchief with literally everything you need on the journey! Sounds Useful. Right?
  9. You Spill Things: Let’s say you were eating ice cream. Suddenly, you spill it on the floor. Woah! You need to get the floor clean as soon as you can! Not able to find anything to clean? No worries at all! Just take the EDC Handkerchief out of your pocket and start cleaning!
  10. You need an Ice-Pack: If you really need an Ice-Pack for some reason and are unable to find some, maybe an EDC Hank filled with Ice would be of really great use for you.
  11. You Cry: I would firmly ask you not to be caught at your favorite dog’s without a couple of handkerchiefs. You will get through a couple probably. Always know that it is OK to do so. Thus, keep these handkerchiefs ready with you, and you shall be good.
  12. You Cough: I have seen so many people cough, and the room gets covered in phlegm. Do not let that happen with you, and consider carrying an EDC Handkerchief to prevent the same.
  13. You need to blindfold: A Clean EDC Hanky is your real go-to thing when you are ready to have a Blindfold challenge with your buds.
  14. You need to Dry Things: Let’s say you went to the movie theatre with your friend to watch your favorite new hit. Just as you were entering the theatre, it started raining, and your hands got wet. Well, just use your EDC Handkerchiefs to dry your hands, and don’t forget to enjoy the show.
  15. You need to Give Up: You are fighting in a war as a military general, and your army is being devastated by the opponent. All you need to do is take out your EDC Hanky and give it a friendly wave in the air.

Is a Handkerchief Really Worth It?

So, there you have it. I have listed the 15 most essential uses of EDC Handkerchiefs one can ever dream of. All these uses do imply the fact that these hanks can be extremely useful in your day-to-day life, and you may use them several times throughout your daily routine without ever realizing the same. Even though I listed all these points above, I’m pretty sure that there are a ton of other uses for these handkerchiefs as well that I haven’t listed above.

The reason is simple. There are literally so many uses of EDC Hanks that it is literally not possible to justify all of them in just one article. No matter where you go or what you do in your daily life, it is no less than a must for you to carry a handkerchief since it is an essential part of EDC (Everyday Carry) Items.