EDC Belts – How To Choose the Best EDC Belt for You

Often we find ourselves struggling to fit oddly shaped items in our utility bags and cases. We wonder where all these items could have been placed to avoid confusion and have a little more space for ourselves. This is where an EDC belt comes in to save the day.

EDC Belts

All the Bells And Whistles of An EDC Belt

While fidgeting around to make more space, one rarely thinks of a belt as an option to accommodate more daily-use items. These items include but are not limited to, phones, measuring tapes, and even guns.

Such an object of said utility cannot go unutilized by the modern-day fast-paced person.  EDC belts can provide great value to the wearer all the while being barely eye-catching and being subtle. These belts can have multiple compartments and be sturdy enough to hold your pants up! EDC belts do not necessarily have to be chunky and even the most basic of belts can provide extreme comfort as well as utility.

An everyday belt can be named an EDC belt, although it has to meet certain criteria and specifications.

What Is Required Of An EDC Belt?

For most people, an EDC belt can mean different things; some may like their belts streamlined and minimalistic, while others may like them flashy and taking up a huge part of their outfit. Some people may like their belts made of leather while others may look for a nylon-based belt that is multipurpose and sturdy. People who want their belts to carry pistols and revolvers are a different story altogether.

Guns have a different place in history altogether and so do EDC belts that support them. EDC belts have carried guns since back in the fifties when cowboy culture was prevalent. Even before that, during the times of war, soldiers wore guns on their leather belts in the form of holsters. Undercover Cops have used the EDC belts to support their guns between their bodies and pants, effectively concealing them before an encounter.

An EDC belt in essence should be robust to effectively support the items that you are going to need help with, and light to not add its weight to the gear that you need to carry. Let us look into some more specifications that EDC belts need to attest to.

Width and Strength

  • A textbook EDC belt should measure 1.5 inches across unless you require a belt to carry substantially bigger things.
  • A belt bigger than 1.5-2 inches is unsuitable to be an EDC belt.
  • This belt should be hard and sturdy and not bends along its width. A belt that bends along its width should not even be considered as an appropriate buy for everyday carry, such a belt will deform into unsightly shapes when pressure is applied by your body, resulting in an unaesthetic look.
  • To check for a belt’s structural integrity one can always roll the belt into a loop and hold it up with one hand, if the belt changes its shape and or sways to the side, immediately drop your ideas about purchasing that belt.


A perfect EDC belt should allow for minor adjustments even when it is hugging your body, all the while being structurally sound and still serving to the maximum of its potential. It should allow the addition of multiple compartments and utility pockets for pens and pencils, measuring tapes, and even gun holsters. Following are utilities that can be covered by an EDC belt

  • An EDC belt is the foundation for carrying items that are to be concealed in such a way that, while deploying the said items, the action should be swift, safe and not clumsy. Hidden items should be concealed in a way that should not raise suspicions. Guns are usually supported by an EDC belt if a special holster is not used
  • Construction workers can utilize EDC belts for keeping their essential equipment with them at all times without the need to bend down and pick up said items. They do not have to worry about small things when they know; everything is tightly bound by their belt. Spanners, Spades, Hammers etc. can be supported by an EDC belt
  • Carpenters and plumbers use tools and often have to deal with small items that are crucial for their work like nuts and bolts; all these objects and tools can easily fit in compartments on your EDC belt.

To Sum It Up

An EDC belt can become a staple of your everyday life, such an object should be considered after passing the strictest of filters for your requirements. A strong, sturdy can go a long way in providing comfort and functionality along with keeping your pants up!