EDC Coins – Everyday Carry Reminder Coins

If you’ve heard of or seen EDC coins, you might wonder what they are for and why people carry them around. This article aims to shine a light on the what these are, what they represent and why people carry EDC coins with them.

EDC Coins

What are EDC Coins?

EDC Coins or Everyday Carry Reminder Coins are coins that are made from high-quality metal and engraved with quotes or sayings that are important to the bearer. They are usually around 1.5 inches (38mm) in diameter, 0.12 inches (3mm) thick, and weigh in at around 1oz (28g). The material is often stainless steel, brass alloy, or nickel-silver with different (antique) finishes, which are created through a chemical aging process. Some have a hole drilled through them, so they can be carried on a keychain or around the neck. similar to a dog tag.

Why do people carry EDC Coins?

EDC coins go beyond practicality – as tokens, they have a special meaning or purpose for the carrier:

  • Service members (military, law enforcement, firefighters, and others) might carry their challenge coins, also beyond their active time
  • People carry coins minted in the year they were born, or from special occasions (wedding, birth of a child, etc.)
  • Coins with life quotes, mottos or sayings that have a special meaning
  • Some people simply carry some change to jingle in their pocket, or to fidget around with

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why people carry EDC coins. If none of the above is for you, or you are more focused on practicality, there’s plenty of other things you can EDC!

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