EDC Multi Tools – How To Choose the Best EDC Multi Tool for You

An EDC multitool is a specially and skilfully designed piece of equipment which comes in various shapes and sizes and is well-fitted with various tools to assist in everyday functions like screwing, cutting, sawing, clipping and opening bottle caps. An EDC tool should be weather and rust resistant so that it gives continued service even after a couple of thousand uses.

EDC Multitool: An Efficient Way To Tackle Your Daily Inconveniences

EDC tools come in three basic shapes and utilities, One is the Swiss knife approach popularized by Victorinox. They have specially designed, usually cylindrical shaped casings with tools attached to alternate ends, which fit pretty ergonomically and can be whipped out in a flash. These tools usually have one knife to their center and the rest of the tools oscillate around that.

Next up is the butterfly or the clamshell approach with a pair of pliers as the centre-piece with the rest of the tools oscillating around the edges. These tools can accommodate upto 21 different functioning tools

Another one of the multitools is the one-piece multitool with the different tools cut into the shape of different tools in the centerpiece, usually wrenches and screwdrivers are implemented through this tool. Survival cards are one such example. A multitool has to serve several functions throughout the day as the modern fast-paced person cannot afford to place so much as an unnecessary piece of paper in their pocket.

Some Integral Tools In An EDC Multitool


The importance of knives cannot be undermined in today’s day and age. A sharp and stoned knife can provide a multitude of utilities in the course a single day. Be it cutting unnecessary pieces of wiring in a small electronic piece of equipment or cutting up a favourite fruit when the heart desires, knives can be of great use. Therefore you should choose a multitool with the sharpest possible knife.


Spanners can come in handy as long as you have bolts around you. A sudden need to unbolt a cycle’s stuck chain or open a bolted window can pose a sudden difficulty. Or on the contrary you could find a loosened bolt in your device and need to tighten it. Spanners are a great inclusion to a multitool and can have unforeseen benefits.


The benefits of a sharp pair of scissors are undeniable. Scissors help in cutting paper, wiring, etc.

Scissors also provide great utility for cutting small pieces of unwanted hair on the body. Sudden arts and crafts requirements can be met by having a pair of scissors handy, and what better than having scissors on you which don’t weigh half as much as a real pair! Have to perform a surgical snip? A multitool pair of scissors are your answer. You may even find yourself using these more than a knife.

Pliers Or A Pair Of Tweezers

More often than not a screw just won’t come out, or you have to perform a miniature surgery on the wooden splinter stuck in your finger. A pair of pliers can serve tactical usefulness all the while serving as a base of attachment for all the rest of multitools!


Operations where knives fail, saws take the ground. If you want to remove an unwanted piece of wood in your perfect furniture or hack apart a piece of wiring attached to a small electronic gadget, saws are your best buddies. Just ensure your equipment remains rust free and well-oiled and cleaned


Screwdrivers are essential pieces of equipment Which help you to tighten or unscrew screws

A universal fit or magnetic customizations for easy removal of screws can be a well appreciated additions to screwdrivers.

Other tools like specially designed filers, magnifying glasses, flintstones, reamers etc. can be welcomed additions to an EDC multitool.

Summing It Up

An EDC multitool can add utility to a person’s fast-paced life by not letting them word about minor inconsistencies and dealing with a stylish and convenient manner. Just ensure you buy the quality multitools that are available on reputed websites and companies. The everyday EDC multitool users post reviews in a really critical manner, so be careful to pick your choice after carefully reading and analyzing reviews!